Bert Ogden Infiniti

JBC delivers a luxury dealership for Bert Ogden with tough requirements and dramatic finishes.

This was Bert Ogden’s first ground-up Infiniti store, and time was a huge challenge on the project. The dealership was given a two-week deadline to pull a building permit, trench, install electrical and plumbing, reinforce steel, treat for termites and pour concrete for the foundation. Even without the property being properly recorded at the courthouse, JBC was able to get the required permitting from the City of Edinburg and coordinate the subcontractors/inspections, all within the accelerated schedule.

Change orders also presented a challenge. After construction started, there was a design change calling for structural steel changes, but the deadline did not change. At one point, the engineering plans were changed and then changed back to the original design. As part of the design, JBC also installed a dramatically lit front glass curved curtain wall with a wet glazing system.

Because of these changes and obstacles, keeping costs down for the client was an issue, but we were able to control costs by either absorbing the additional expenses or by negotiating prices with subcontractors. JBC was able to deliver Bert Ogden a flagship store that either met or exceeded manufacturer specifications, stay on budget and meet demanding deadlines.

Bert Ogden
Surface Area:
450.000 m2
September 26, 2015
McAllen, Texas
$25 000 000
Jonathan & Britney