Bert Ogden BMW

JBC was under the gun to complete a facelift along and a new addition while the dealership remained open and continued to deliver a high level of customer service to their luxury car clientele.

The dealership’s existing building had numerous additions throughout and during demolition it was found that several areas were not to code or structurally sound, including the electrical and plumbing. The concrete floors were uneven, the shop’s roof was leaking in several areas and the existing drainage system was clogged with oils.

To remedy the problems in the existing building and to prepare the dealership for the new addition, JBC poured more cement to make the floors even, installed a coating over the entire roof to seal it and used vacuum trucks to pump out the oil in the drainage system. JBC was able to quickly deliver Bert Ogden a new showroom and state-of-the-art service facility, adhere to strict manufacturer specifications, and all while allowing the dealership the ability to maintain current service schedules for their customers’ vehicles.

Bert Ogden
Surface Area:
450.000 m2
September 26, 2015
McAllen, Texas
$25 000 000
Jonathan & Britney